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What your customers, employees, and local communities expect of you is radically changing. We can help you change too.


Our process is as follows:

1. Organic Project Assessment – We work with you, face-to-face, to identify issues of concern and to clearly identify your objectives.

2. Approach-Building – We work with you to develop a consensus as to the best way to approach the project, and we come to an agreement as to the steps that should be included in the process.


3. Presentation of Detailed Proposal and Acceptance – We present a detailed proposal for your acceptance that incorporates our joint understanding of what you wish to accomplish and how we plan to accomplish it.


4. Service Delivery – We deliver any agreed-upon consulting deliverables, administer any necessary personality testing or group conflict assessments, do any necessary process design work, facilitate any necessary group discussions or mediate any specific disputes, and/or conduct any formal training.


5. Evaluation of Results - We provide summary reports, and we measure effectiveness through customizable client survey materials.

Top Five Reasons That You Should Consult With Us:

1. We specialize in the complex and messy people problems that are difficult to unravel or quantify, and that are sometimes even difficult to identify.


2. We have an experienced organizational psychologist on staff to help. 


3. We can help you articulate the business case for intervention to senior leaders and/or corporate boards of directors.


4. We can help you improve productivity and morale by helping you understand your employees' needs, and by helping you figure out how to meet those needs.


5. We can show you how to make our results sustainable.


We offer the following four choices:

Top Five Reasons that Assessment Tools and Analyses are Useful:

1. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

2. Understanding the people who make up your teams or working groups allows you to take proactive steps in managing them.

3. Understanding the distribution of personalities and communication styles allows you to bolster communication and collaboration between and among departments.

4. Assessment tools and analyses form the bases of customized action plans.

5. Customized action plans lead to results.


We can help you with any of the following:

1. Understanding Local Minority Communities – We can help you develop the understanding necessary to properly evaluate market opportunities.

2. Engaging Minority Communities – We can help you determine the best ways to commence a "conversation" with particular minority communities.


3. Selling to Minority Communities – We can help you understand what your value proposition will need to be in order to sell to minority communities.


4. Organizational Marketing and Messaging to Minority Communities – We can help you develop organizational marketing materials and messaging that are enlightened and don't inadvertently offend the sensibilities of minority communities.


5. Crisis Communications Regarding Diversity Matters - We can help you determine the best ways to respond (internally and externally) to crisis situations.

Three Good Reasons to Let Us Help You Engage Minority Communities:

1. Minority communities represent a colossal market opportunity as they now have $3.9 trillion of buying power.  In the case of African Americans, they make up just 14% of the population, but they are currently responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually.

2. Some studies have suggested that minority communities, especially African Americans, are more brand loyal than white consumers.  It is, therefore, less expensive to maintain them as customers over time.

3. Having good relations with minority communities is very good for your corporate image--especially as more and more consumers consider issues of corporate values and citizenship when choosing brands.


“We hired Stephen to help us navigate some complex organizational growing pains and structural changes.  As a consultant, he provided excellent insights and guidance that were sensible, strategic, and actionable.  He also skillfully facilitated three all-staff meetings to help us forge consensus around some very important issues.  Stephen brought tremendous value to the process, and we would both hire him again and recommend him to others.  I should also say that he is a joy to work with!”

Amy Elverum

Co-Director, Upper Mississippi Academy

Saint Paul, Minnesota

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