Surgo offers three categories of services:
(1) Consulting, (2) Facilitation & Mediation, and (3) Employee Training Programs.


In our society, this is a period of upheaval and deep, fundamental change. Make no mistake, when the dust settles, your customers, employees, and local communities will have radically different expectations of you - especially in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and racial equity. We can help you understand what those new expectations are, and what kinds of organizational changes might be instituted to enable you to meet those new expectations while simultaneously bolstering your brand.


We can drive the ideative process necessary to identify the most prudent and impactful ways to respond to the radically changing expectations of your customers, employees, and local communities. Once senior leadership has signed off on the specific operational and/or behavioral changes to be made, we can help you forge consensus and understanding throughout your company through our facilitation and mediation services.  We can skillfully facilitate the difficult conversations that are often necessary to forge consensus.


In order for employees to remain effective in a constantly changing world, they must regularly learn new skills and gain new understanding.  Training gives them new skills and understanding, and it bolsters their sense of control. We offer training in over twenty substantive areas including: 

Diversity/Inclusion/Implicit Bias, Managing Change, Managing Workplace Conflict, Creative Thinking, How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, and How to Work With People From Other Cultures and Backgrounds.




We are in the organizational transformation business, and our work is divided into three categories: (1) Consulting, (2) Facilitation & Mediation, and (3) Employee Training Programs.


Our work with clients typically begins with consulting. This generally includes goal-setting, problem-solving, strategy, process design, and sometimes ideation. Generally, with our assistance and guidance, decisions are made by the client’s senior management as to what specific measures should be taken to address the problem(s) at issue.  We then help the client design an appropriate process for deploying the chosen strategies and for making the necessary changes.  This work may include assisting with internal an/or external communication(s)—including crisis communication(s).

Facilitation & Mediation

Most often, we find that in order for the organizational changes to be effective, such changes, and the reasoning behind them, must be both understood and embraced by employees.  However, disruption and change are stressful to employees, and they can easily lead to internal conflict, reluctance, fear, confusion, and to employees simply feeling overwhelmed.  We can skillfully facilitate important and/or difficult internal conversations amongst employees, or we can mediate specific internal disputes.  Through these processes, we forge understanding and consensus, and we resolve conflict and miscommunication.

Employee Training

Organizational evolution requires that employees regularly enhance their knowledge and update their skills so that they can remain effective in a rapidly changing environment—thus we are called upon to offer cutting-edge training and development programs. 


This is how consulting, facilitation/mediation, and training fit together at Surgo.


“We engaged Stephen Blair Venable as a consultant for a year to offer us guidance on numerous diversity issues including, but not limited to: (1) how to best engage minority communities,

(2) updating our marketing materials to better reflect Saint Paul’s ever-increasing diversity, (3) how to best execute on our desire to diversify our local membership, (4) building a strategy for attracting the meetings and conventions of minority organizations, and (5) community and public relations.  As Stephen’s primary contact at Visit Saint Paul, I can say that I was extremely happy with the quality of his guidance and the value that he added!”

Adam Johnson

(Former) Vice President, Marketing
Visit Saint Paul