Our society is changing in fundamental ways. Your customers, employees, and local communities are expecting you to change too. We can help you navigate the new terrain.


Surgo's mission is threefold: (1) to help organizations identify and implement the changes that will allow them to meet the radically changing expectations of their customers, employees, and local communities around issues of racial equity; (2) to facilitate the sometimes tough and contentious internal conversations that are needed to forge consensus around plans for organizational change; and (3) to give employees the knowledge and tools they need to be effective, efficient, and engaged through our cutting-edge employee training and development programs.



In our society, this is a period of upheaval and deep, fundamental change. Make no mistake, when the dust settles, your customers, employees, and local communities will have radically different expectations of you - especially in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and racial equity. We can help you understand what those new expectations are, and what kinds of organizational changes might be instituted to enable you to meet those new expectations while simultaneously bolstering your brand.


We can drive the ideative process necessary to identify the most prudent and impactful ways to respond to the radically changing expectations of your customers, employees, and local communities. After senior leadership has decided which specific operational and/or behavioral changes will be made, we can help you forge consensus and understanding throughout your company through our facilitation and mediation services.  We can help you manage conflict and disagreement, or simply help you consummate agreement.


Change is difficult for people, and we have found that organizational change causes employees stress and anxiety.  Training gives them new skills and understanding, and it bolsters their sense of control. We offer training in over twenty substantive areas—including Managing Change, Managing Workplace Conflict, Diversity/Inclusion/Implicit Bias, Creative Thinking, How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, and How to Work With People From Other Cultures and Backgrounds.


“We hired Stephen Blair Venable to help us navigate some complex organizational growing pains and structural changes.  As a consultant, he provided excellent insights and guidance that were sensible, strategic, and actionable.  He also skillfully facilitated three all-staff meetings to help us forge consensus around some very important issues.  Stephen brought tremendous value to the process, and we would both hire him again and recommend him to others.  I should also say that he is a joy to work with!”

Amy Elverum

Co-Director, Upper Mississippi Academy

Saint Paul, Minnesota