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Our society is changing in fundamental ways. Your customers, employees, and local communities are expecting you to change too. We can help you navigate the new terrain in ways that make sense for your business.


Surgo's mission is fourfold: 1) to help organizations identify and implement the changes that will allow them to meet the changing expectations of their customers, employees, and local communities around issues of demographic strategy (including D.E.I.);  2) to facilitate the sometimes tough and contentious internal conversations that are needed to forge consensus around plans for organizational change;  3) to give employees the knowledge and tools they need to be effective, efficient and engaged through our cutting-edge employee training and development programs; and 4) to assist client organizations in identifying, hiring and retaining diverse executives.



In our society, this is a period of deep social and demographic change. Make no mistake, when the dust settles, your customers, employees, and local communities will have certain expectations of you, and meeting those expectations  will require that you have a demographic strategy. We can help you understand what those new expectations are, and what kinds of organizational changes might be instituted in order to best position you for  long-term success and simultaneously bolster your brand. 


We can drive the ideative process necessary to identify the most prudent and impactful ways to respond to the radically changing expectations of your customers, employees, and local communities.  After senior leadership has decided which specific operational and/or behavioral changes will be made, we can help you forge consensus and understanding throughout your company through our facilitation and mediation services.  We can help you manage conflict and disagreement, or simply help you consummate agreement.


Change is difficult for people, and we have found that organizational change causes employees stress and anxiety.  Training gives them new skills and understanding, and it bolsters their sense of control. We offer training in over twenty substantive areas—including Diversity, Inclusion & Implicit Bias; How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace; Managing Change; Managing Workplace Conflict; Creative Thinking; and How to Work With People From Other Cultures and Backgrounds.


We believe that searches for diverse executives have the highest likelihood of success when DEI expertise and deep contacts in minority communities are combined with an extensive background in executive search and long track record of success in the search business.


"Stephen and his team at Surgo Consulting are a partner in our DEI work, starting with training and then as a DEI expert to help our team on our DEI journey. He is an excellent trainer, he and his team are customer-focused, have strong platform and facilitation skills and they do a great job of engaging people on DEI topics in a relatable and accessible way. Stephen is wonderful to work with, he is communicative, highly engaged, and listens to feedback to ensure the success of the project. I value his experience and his generous sharing of time and expertise with our team."

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