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Can’t find the diverse executives you’re looking for?
We can help.



Studies from the likes of McKinsey & Company as well a Harvard Business School have consistently shown that companies that are diverse at the top perform better financially than their marketplace peers/competitors that lack such diversity. Studies have also consistently demonstrated that design thinking, which is arguably the most effective approach to organizational decision-making and product/service development, is completely dependent upon the diversity of the people on the design team.

However, there are many obstacles to diversifying the upper-ranks of America’s companies. One of the major obstacles is that CEOs often report having difficulty identifying qualified diverse candidates—especially people of color. Sometimes, what is actually happening is that their search firms are simply failing to identify suitable minority candidates, and thus they do not present a diverse slate of candidates to their clients for consideration. The client company then believes that there are no qualified diverse candidates in the pipeline, rather than considering that their traditional, majority-owned search firms might lack the understanding and the kinds of deep contacts in minority communities that are necessary to find perfectly-qualified, diverse candidates who are sometimes “just below the radar.”

We believe that searches for diverse executives have the highest likelihood of success when DEI expertise and deep contacts in minority communities are combined with an extensive background in executive search and long track record of success in the search business.

That is why we will partner with a traditional search firm that has a good track record of success in conducting executives searches for our clients that are focused on identifying an exemplary and diverse slate of executive candidates. 

How we work

In partnership with a traditional search firm, we will conduct a nationwide search on a retained basis. The client will pay one standard fee.

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