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We can give you plenty of food for thought in one of our keynote presentations. We'll probably also make you laugh and smile in the process.


A Few of Stephen's Topics:
  1. What the Death of George Floyd Will Mean for American Companies

  2. Why Companies Have Difficulty Finding Minority Candidates

  3. Networking, Social Mobility, and the Meritocracy Myth

  4. The Physics of Human Social Dysfunction on Workplace Teams

  5. Why Most Companies Cannot Solve the Problem of Bad Bosses

  6. The Paradox of Corporate “Fit”

  7. Managing Control Issues in the Corporate Workplace

  8. The Real Complexity of Diversity & Inclusion

  9. Insights from a Professional African-American Man in America

  10. The Perilous Journey From College to the Corporate Workplace

A Few of Aimee's Topics:
  1. Communicating Across Differing World Views

  2. Micro Engagement

  3. Why It Makes Sense to Lean Into Conflict, Not Away From It

  4. Process Design in Conflict Resolution

  5. Different Approaches to ADR

  6. How to Bring People Together Even When They Seek Very Different Outcomes

  7. How to Assess Conflict: Discovering the Hidden Undercurrents of Disagreement

  8. Insights and Stories From a Career in Dispute Resolution

  9. The Problem of "Othering" People as a Means of Understanding Them

  10. Being an ADR Futurist

A Few of Karl's Topics:
  1. How to Put Emotional Intelligence to Work in the Workplace

  2. How to Work Effectively With People Who Are Very Difficult

  3. How to Work With People Who Are Very Different From You

  4. Understanding Conflict: Obstacle or Opportunity?

  5. Managing Gender Differences in the Workplace

  6. Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace

  7. How to Find Joy in Your Work Despite the Stress of the Workplace

  8. How to Manage Time When There's Not Enough Time to Do Your Job

  9. How to Escape Paradigmatic Thinking

  10. The Art of Virtual Team Building


“Karl, thank you for speaking to our group.  We've heard rave reviews all across the business!”

Karla Miller

Director, Honeywell Women's Network

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